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At this time of world events it seems necessary to me to explain and take into account certain information that is needed to process the data correctly. Any action or planned event, designed and executed by the Masters, has at least four levels of protection before arriving at the truth: the most likely, the least likely but possible, the most credible as far as possible, and at least credible to the possible extent, the first two cover the natural or obvious, the two seconds cover the conspiratorial or the less obvious. I do not like nor do I intend to speak about current events at this site, there are many web sites that transmit and analyze these events seriously, but in this case I will do an exception that will illustrate what I mean.

Take for example the recent earthquake in Japan of intensity 9 on the Richter scale, with consequent downstream effects. The most likely in this case is that it would have been caused by natural consequence of the shift of tectonic plates, like any other earthquake, being another event of the forces of nature. The least likely but possible, would be that this was caused by the abuse of man in exploitation of natural resources and global warming, or due to the influence of planetary forces and solar storms. The most credible as far as possible would be the use of HAARP as the cause of the disaster, deliberately or because it got out of hand, this is confirmed by the high activity of emissions registered on days ten, eleven and twelve of March. The fourth level of protection that would be the least credible as far as possible maybe has not yet been activated.

The truth of what really happened may be a combination of some or all of these causes, or none of them. As you see not everything is so simple, the levels of protection act perfectly to confuse and protect reality. Another possibility is the use of new unconventional engineering weapons tested lately. I do not know if this would fit on the fourth level of protection or not, but I know is that nothing is as it seems, and that if HAARP has become public, it can no longer be considered a secret project that can be used as such, but yes as level of protection and concealment. I am not saying that has nothing to do, I say that we must be cautious.

These levels of protection may be more, depending on the program running and the event happened, but never less than four. This is the minimum required and preset security level. Always look a step beyond the obvious and be a little closer to reality and less exposed to manipulation and deception. These are troubled times, but this also shows that we are making noise and that the masters are bothered.

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