domingo, 3 de abril de 2011


The enemy, that strange and hidden character, the one that threatens our lives, concepts and ideas, which keeps us awake at night, and worries us by the day, the one that manipulates, cheats and lies, that grieve us, the one that concerns, oppressions and depresses us. That who subjugates and frightens us, the enemy we are willing to face in battle, to fight until victory or death, and which we ignore their real plan and intention, the one that is hidden in the centres of power circles; ancient and powerful, that enemy of wrong we are!!!

We think we must confront and combat power in the shadows, the ruling elite, and their true representatives; destroy and try to change things, reaching the inside to expose those who are hidden in the centre of concentric power circles, the programmers, the enemies. We believe that the battle is with them, that we can beat, bend and subjugate them…and that is the big mistake, because they are not the enemy. The enemies are ourselves; we vulnerable carbon machines are the enemy, it is within us, hidden in our programming, faithful servants of their desires, slaves of our fears, unable to act and think for ourselves, driven by their best weapon, fear, fear of change, fear of what people say, fear to loneliness, fear of failure, fear of decision, fear of others, fear of love, fear of fear.

If we wish to get to be free sometime, the first battle we must face is the battle with ourselves, our inner enemy, our fears, our programming, our insecurity, our stupidity. I said that they cannot destroy us, because they need us, but we can destroy ourselves as carbon machines, to be reborn as Humans if we win our battle we win the war, because they will be alone, with no one to manipulate, deceive or frighten; they will be kings without kingdom, emperors without servants, they will be they slaves of their own nature, because their creation turned to be their ruin.

We must understand this, to try to achieve it, and to be able to decide how to proceed, if we always depend on someone who tells us what to do, we will never achieve victory, because doubt, indecision and insecurity will always appear. Only by achieving certainty we will be able to face the final battle, and this medal is awarded after the battle. Only then, we will be able to do what we have to do, without hesitation or guilt, because we will be sure it is right, and that we all march in unison for a common purpose, raising the flag of true freedom.


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