viernes, 1 de abril de 2011


Just as there are seekers of truth, seekers of lie exist. They are characterized by refuting any new idea, thought, discovery, philosophy, or anything else that violates or goes against their paradigm and installed archetype. They think that it is true, if it matches perfectly into their programming, not allowing any changes to their system, let’s say they are protected by a perfect firewall, designed to block unauthorized access, allowing only authorized, configured to allow, restrict, encrypt, and decrypt traffic between the carbon unit and the source through the server, based on a set of rules and other pre-established criteria, thus preventing the entry of new data into the system. The energy used for this to happen is fear, the responsible centre of processing is the emotional one, and the final product are the negative energies or emotions.

While at quantum level it is no different, as it comes from the same source, at tri-dimensional level there are differences. Fear has a very low natural vibration frequency, which activates specific brain areas and DNA, thus achieving a determined behaviour and the perfect state for manipulation and programming. As well as love makes the connection to the source freeing us, fear manages the connection to the server, enslaving us.

Most carbon units work with this energy, some of them to the point they do not have the spirit linking body of the being with matter. They only have soul linking body spirit, that as missing the spirit one, it directly links the emotional centre and ego or personality, having no possibility of connection with the being, until achieving the spiritual body; I will explain this later. Seekers of lies were and are the greatest inquisitors, they are willing to do anything to defend it, and they have no scruples because they lack the linking body with the being, and usually have no spiritual conflict, because the centres in charge are the emotional and intellectual ones, balancing their work so as not to come into conflicts only the spiritual centre could solve.

The truth seekers are surrounded by seekers of lie that considerably surpass them by number. They will do everything possible to obstruct the search for truth, because they unconsciously work for the masters, although they also want us to find it. Everything is more complicated than it seems, but simpler than you believe. And you, what type of seeker are you?


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