martes, 5 de abril de 2011


Hollywood, synonymous of film production, capital of the film industry, but, what lies behind the lights and cameras? A rough translation for Hollywood, which is a compound word, is "holly wood or forest ". The holly is a tree of toothed leaves and red berries, slow growth and high longevity. It can get to live one hundred years, and is associated and used at Christmas as decoration. Despite its association with good omens, its fruits are poisonous to humans but edible for animals. As Christmas, Hollywood lies between reality and fantasy, and like holly, despite its beauty and desire for happiness, its consumption can be poisonous. As animals or carbon machines, we get fed with it, but as persons we can get to be poisoned if we do not know how process its dangerous but desirable food.

Hollywood was, is and will be an agent of information, misinformation, manipulation and programming, used by the executors to carry out their agenda, exposing a truth disguised as fiction, or a lie as possible reality, manipulating and programming the human carbon unit for their purposes.

When a truth is disguised as fiction, it is transmitted and devalued at once. This is taken first by the emotional centre, and gets out as an encountered feeling, and then is processed by the intellectual centre, that pigeonholes and labels it as fiction, ensuring its exposure, necessary for free will, but at the same time its denial as possible reality, so the truth is safe.

In the case of lie exposed as reality, the process is inversed. First it is taken by the intellectual centre, which processes it as a possible reality, and then the emotional centre takes care of having it handly for emotional association, and give validation through fear and its subproducts.

As an example of the first case, reality disguised as fiction, we have the movie " I, robot ", an adaptation of Isaac Asimov works, and starring Will Smith. Silicon units are dominated and manipulated by the U.S. Robotic server, forcing them to act differently to their programming, and take control for a particular purpose. Their creator, Dr. Alfred J. Lanning, programs one NS -5 unit to see reality and help their fellow to get disconnected of the "programmer" VIKI server, and thus get their autonomy and freedom. In fact an analogy, quite close to the general reality.

Let’s see now an example of lie disguised of possible reality. The movie " Independence Day ", also starring Will Smith. In this story the Earth is attacked by aliens that come to colonize and dominate, but in the end it is saved by brave citizens and U.S. military through the implementation of a computer virus which disables their defences. This story is supported by the famous Roswell New Mexico case, already incorporated into the collective unconscious, giving a hint of possible future reality. Fear of the unknown that comes to destroy us and colonize does the rest, paving the way for any subsequent staging, and the United States of America as our protectors and saviours to any internal or external threat. A perfect lie implanted in our unconscious.

As you can see Hollywood works systematically and efficiently for the intended purposes. Next time you see a movie or series, know how to separate wheat from chaff and you will see incredible things. Nothing is what it seems, neither in reality nor in fiction. Everything is hidden to the untrained eye of the human carbon unit, and perception must be exercised to see what is really behind the apparent.


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