martes, 8 de marzo de 2011


A few years ago while I was carrying out one of my researches, a Uruguayan journalist and researcher with whom I maintained contact via email, he warned me how dangerous it was to talk about certain things through that means, "as Echelon network is a reality," were his own words, it was him who opened my eyes to the reality I would later discover. A couple of days ago I talked about the Masters of the World, like all "good owner", he must know where his slaves and servants are, do and think because as the saying goes, "information is power" and " the master's eye fattens the cattle ". In these times when technology is up to date, I will later speak of its true origin and purpose; it is not unlikely to be used to obtain information from each one of us. They need to have total control to remain being the "Masters".

Every word I write here, every email I send, every website I visit and read, is recorded and passed by Echelon and special programs such as Carnivor, where they are filtered, analyzed, listened to, or recorded; every phone call line, each cell phones call or text message, each security camera, traffic, web, is monitored, recorded and analyzed to obtain as much information as possible. Each cell phone can be activated without us noticing, and used as a microphone and camera, each information uploaded to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter is accessed to databases, each credit card that used leaves a trail of your tastes, expenses, social, and places you walk.

Each satellite over our heads can see us, photograph us, film us; nothing is out of reach if they decide it. I know this sounds like science fiction or a Hollywood movie, and that the rejection of this idea is automatic; accepting that we are observed in this way makes us feel vulnerable and our privacy violated, but remember the first six publications, this introduction was to prepare you in order to able to process these data packets in the best way possible. I could perfectly explain how it is carried out and demonstrate with evidence that is real, but it is not my intention at this time, maybe someday I will.

Understand that this does not mean that we are individualized. For them, we are numbers in a system, but if for some reason they decide otherwise, they have all the information, technology and resources necessary to track Human unit number (xx); while we function according to the schedule and do put not the agenda at risk, there is no need to take control, for we do not exist as individuality, we are simply another natural resource. Do not only hold this information, investigate, look it for yourself, and you will see the hidden reality.

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