martes, 29 de marzo de 2011


In "The genetic consciousness" article I talked about the tree of life, and I believe it necessary to extend this information to avoid possible misunderstanding. First I would like to clarify the concept of "being"; take the being as the essence of life, the eternal part of you. The being is part of creation itself, it is eternal by nature, dimensionless and timeless, it is the point on the circle, and is part of the whole…it is self-aware energy. It has nothing to do with the spirit and soul religions talk about, these are linking bodies between let’s say, dimensions. The being is reality and the physical body, illusion.

The being is not located in the body. The spirit is the link to the physical matter, through the spiritual centre, and the soul is the spiritual link with the personality or "self," through the emotional centre. Here lies the first problem because, as you remember, the spiritual centre would have to take its initial programming from genetic consciousness, but as we have access denied, the emotional centre takes control. This makes, on one hand, bad initial programming of the spiritual centre, an on the other, that the "being - physical matter - oneself" link turns to be defective by nature.

When I speak of continuity, I do not mean eternity or eternal life. The idea of eternity is also a three-dimensional interpretation of a dimensionless concept as, let’s say, is part of the same creation source code. Therefore as part of our being of creation, it is eternal by nature. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong, including religions. But our personality or self is finite, as every living tri-dimensional being.

The human carbon unit that is Peter today, was Joseph yesterday, and tomorrow will be Laura, because it has no continuity as being. Access to genetic awareness gives him also access to the memory of who was, is, and will be, and the possibility of knowing that he is the being, and that Peter, Joseph and Laura, are three-dimensional containers: programmable and disposable carbon units. That is the elixir of eternal life sought by alchemists, the fruit of the tree of life, which the Philosopher's Stone can be found with. I will speak about it later, and as I say, then we will have defeated death, because the being is not born nor dies, the being does not reincarnate, the being only exists.

In the article "explaining dimensions" I also said time is how we perceive the perpendicular movement of the body on the next higher dimension. This perpendicular movement of our body are the different lives. By having access to the tree of life, we would also jump into the fourth dimension because we would not perceive lives as separate time, but as continuity. There is also a collateral physical manifestation when having access to the tree of life; and this is the extension of lifespan, by activation of what science calls "genetics litter", which is 95% of the human genome. That’s the reason of the search for the life elixir and the Philosopher's Stone, but that's another story.

The masters, as having access to the tree of life, are not only aware of their being, but also their physical lifetime is significantly higher. We carbon units do not have that possibility, and for them is an advantage; the same as we have with an insect whose average life is days, but unlike this example, we were made in the image and likeness, genetic image containing attributes we can turn on and obtain; Christ said, "You are gods", and was right.


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