jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011


All known matter is made of atoms, as you know the atom in turn is itself composed of negatively charged particles, positive and neutral ones: electrons, protons and neutrons. Negatively charged electrons orbit the nucleus of the atom, and in its inside, positively charged protons and neutrally charged neutrons are found. The atom could be defined as an energy vortex in balance, as it has the same positive than negative charges, and at the same time the neutron is made up of three fundamental or subatomic particles called quarks, whose charges’ sum is zero, and therefore they do not modify the balance. All chemical bonds elements occur via electrons, so we could say without doubt that the three dimensional fabric of the universe of man is based on negative energies. Over this network runs the illusion of reality, thus, illusion of subjective reality of man is negative in nature.

When I spoke of quantum principles, I talked about their misinterpretation for it is a one-dimensional expression of a three-dimensional interpretation of a dimensionless quantum principle. In this case, the correspondence principle that quotes, as it is above so it is below, commits the same sin. Expanding its meaning, interpretation is that, as the energy vortex atom, the human carbon unit has the negative energies out of itself, surrounding him with the fabric of reality, and the positive energy inside, in his interior, as the atom nucleus, as we have the duality programming incorporated, we are only aware of these two energies, positive and negative. But as in the atom, the third power is also within us: neutral energy, which is actually in charge of the atom balance and ourselves. It is the balance energy, the one that compensates the duality of opposites, the one that transmutes negative into positive, because it carries both charges in its interior at the same time. It is the quantum particle par excellence, and the link between positive and negative. It is energy the most important energy we have, and which we ignore, because it was arranged that way.

Just as the negative energy turns off the Wi-Fi, and the positive turns it on, balance energy is the one that makes it work. All the quantum brain works with that energy, it is the one that unifies opposites, and general reality shows up. It is the energy our designers work with, the one the spirit manifests on, and which genetic consciousness works with. It is the power of truth, and we have to achieve managing it, to sometime gain independence as beings, and in this way attain being free and masters of ourselves. You choose.


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