lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011


The human carbon unit was originally designed to fulfil a particular job, and serve the purposes of its creators. For this to be feasibly possible, it was needed that the unit responded to the initial programming autonomously. It was not possible to reprogram all units whenever necessary, so a special internal device was created that automatically linked to the source or database, and reprogrammed the system without the involvement of our creators. This system worked let’s say as a Wi-Fi connection, opening a port and trading data packets to the server transmitting the new schedule. When our programmers introduced duality they also gave us a great opportunity, that of being able to be free. We were given free will, but this was a complication for them. We could choose to be our own programmers, take control of the unit and be human masters of ourselves. The possibility that we connected directly to the "cosmic Internet" without going through the server was a risk, so they decided to disable Wi.Fi to avoid that possibility; now they would have to find other ways to continue programming. Manipulation of the illusion of reality was chosen.

This story that borders on the fantastic sums up in a few lines what happened eons ago, forgotten history and manipulated from the beginning of recorded history, but fully valid and real for our masters. We have a secret weapon to free ourselves, a weapon they created for their benefit and that can now play against them. This weapon is the Wi-Fi they disabled, but that still each of us has installed. We only need to know we have it, and how to activate it. As every device it is powered by energy, and as you know energy is the primary form of quantum manifestation. This device is part of the quantum level of the brain; it turns off with negative energy and turns on with positive, positive-negative, the binary three-dimensional form of the quantum dimensionless manifestation of energy.

I do not know if I am being clear enough. If you processed prior information properly about dimensions, universe and quantum thinking, I think you will understand. The required energy is not any power, is the most renowned by all religions, it is also the most vulgarized, misunderstood, trivialized and ridiculed. That energy is Love, but Love as pure energy, not as the intellectual, emotional or spiritual sense, but as what it really is, pure quantum energy, that it is why it so important for them to keep the negative energy in us and the planet, so that we cannot activate the device and connect to the original source.

Let’s now see what Love really is. For understanding this concept it is necessary to discard any idea and definition of it as a feeling, emotion, contemplation, etc. It is necessary to deprogram the system of any association with religion, sex, couple, family, etc., and try to see and understand this at a quantum level. Take the word LOVE - A.M.O.R. in Spanish, as an acronym that means Amplitude Modulation of (U)Ondulated Resonance, that is a resonance wave of modulated amplitude.

This resonance wave is needed to, as its name implies, resound according to the source of the universe in order to negotiate its connection and subsequent transmission like a modem; and modulated amplitude because it is the means of data transmission and reception, like a radio transmitter-receiver. This presented here is now supported by science with Differential Quantum Resonance, and that who understands physics can easily investigate and verify it. As you can see the secret weapon of human carbon unit is Love, but as energy, by which it manages to enable the Wi-Fi to directly connect with the universe, and thus get free of the control exercised by the masters, becoming an independent unit owner of itself. In short, going from slaves to masters is just a matter of Love. Let's try and achieve it.

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