viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011


In computer science, a programmer is, according to Wikipedia, "one who writes, debugs and maintains the source code of software, that is of the whole of instructions set the hardware of a computer runs to perform a certain task ....” The human carbon unit is not exempt from this programming, or rather is fully programmable because it was designed that way, it is just needed to know the source code, the programming language of human unity; we will talk about this in another time. Programmers know this source code and use it to achieve their aim through the implementers. Now the explanation gets complicated, for we have a power structure of concentric circles, each formed by different power lines. I will not go into detail so as not to complicate the explanation, by now just understand the role of the programmer and the implementer.

For thousands of years the way of implementing the program was through religion. When I talk about religion know to separate between Institution and Faith. The religious institution is the means by which programming is introduced through the manipulation of faith that is part of the source of man nowadays. The media, social psychology and education, do an excellent work, so much the programming works that even the most obvious is avoided.

As an example when I was in college, I asked my physics teacher, why if the orbit of the earth was in the same plane as the sun, do we always see the same sky throughout the year, with the differences between north and south hemisphere, with only some variation of constellations’ location. It was logical to assume that the sky that the sun did not let not see in a time of year, would have to be seen perfectly well 6 months later, when the earth is at the opposite end of its orbit, and therefore the sun, revealing the starry sky hidden 6 months before. The only way to see the same sky throughout the year was that the orbits of the planets were not in the same plane as the sun’s, but forming a cone whose apex was the sun. My teacher looked at me stunned and had no answer; he had to ask an astronomer friend.

Later he told me that the answer given by his friend was: "Good question, I will investigate”. As you can see programming is so efficient that no one questions anything, if science says so, it is that way. When Galileo Galilei left the program, exposing a truth, he was almost burned at the stake.

The programmers are doing their job since our creation; they are part of the masters. Their function is to prepare the system so that manipulation of the illusion of reality is possible and effective. We must be careful because they are constantly acting, changing the program to implement their great simulation plan. We try to wake up, they try to make us fall asleep, and the worst nightmare we can have, is dreaming that we are awake.

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