martes, 1 de marzo de 2011


Every road, street or path has traffic signs that go guiding, warning and pointing out the various events coming. Every driver or passer-by knows how to interpret them if he sees them. Some have the built habit of paying attention, avoiding accidents and mistakes in that way, others however do not pay attention or ignore them outright, leaving the fate of the journey at random.

The path of our lives is full of signs we do not see, or we see and ignore, or worst of all we interpret wrongly. Most commonly, when one of them appears, is relating it to the most primitive and wrong interpretation, and we end playing a lottery or pool number. It is as if we saw a sign saying maximum speed 60 kilometres per hour, and we would rush even more to get as soon as possible to the first bet house we can find to play two pounds to number 60.

The human being is factory equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System), but it is disabled by default. Some call it intuition, hunch or sixth sense, but in fact it is a capture, interpretation and warning signs system, this was incorporate to the Human Being unit for a purpose we will see later. If we get to activate it, we will be surprised the amount of data we will see even in the most everyday life situations. When it is disabled, we walk the path of causality, cause and effect, and we perceive it as coincidence, luck, fate, etc., believing everything happens by chance, when in fact it does not, though in the present condition of man having the GPS turned off, it is.

Other applications such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth were incorporated to the Human Being unit, that are now being studied by quantum physics science through the use of Differential Quantum Resonance, presented majestically by Ph.D. Rafael López-Guerrero and his team in their works. These applications work with data packets let’s say, wireless, negotiated between man and the universe. As you see, there is a scientific backing that supports this information. I will expand on the topic at its time, by now, it is enough to just understand and incorporate the concept of sings and their correct interpretation.

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