miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011


The atom, the smallest form of known matter of a chemical element that retains its properties: Beyond it, we enter the world of quantum physics, the study of subatomic particles and pure energy. We are used to think the world as a material manifestation, tangible, solid, true, and that is the great illusionist’s trick, that is the perception of the illusion of subjective reality, general reality is quantum, is pure energy in motion, is the matrix of all realities and the entire universe. We could define the illusion of reality as a Holo-quantum (three-dimensional) projection of general reality. The Human carbon unit is not programmed to perceive this reality, it would need a quantum processor (brain), where each bit of information is both zero and one (0; 1), we work with opposites zero or one (0-1), good or bad, white or black, heaven or hell, the good news is that we do were created with a quantum brain, but we have that function deactivated. It is as though we had a four core processor “Intel Corequad”, and we only used one core leaving the others off, thus reducing all the computer's processing capabilities.

This operating system is not known by man, that as I said before, the owners of the world have installed in. It works at a quantum level, being able to see and interact with general reality. In our case we can activate the quantum function in certain circumstances, almost always involuntarily, and perceive different realities, that we know as paranormal or altered states of consciousness. This is nothing more than limited perception and for a few seconds of general reality. Eastern philosophies know it as enlightenment, nirvana, etc., which is nothing but permanent state of perception of the quantum universe.

It is not my intention to get to that state neither that you can do so. Just know that it exists in order to then be able to understand certain information, that otherwise would be meaningless. Now let’s be acquiescent with ourselves, and give ourselves the opportunity to accept that everything is possible until proven otherwise.

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