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To understand this concept it is necessary to understand how man thinks. Let's take back the computer analogy, although it is known that your computers do not think, the way they process data is very similar to ours, as I explained in the six first articles. Suppose you are surfing the web, visiting different websites: each time we enter one of them, it downloads its content, text, photos, videos, etc. to the computer, so that it can process data and display its contents on the screen.

These data are stored in a folder called Temporary Internet files, which as the name implies, are temporary, while in the machine the files are used every time we visit the same page, and it only updates those that have changed or been added. These files are used as needed and after some time are eliminated, having to re-download the data when the page again is visited newly
Man, or rather the Human carbon unit also saves data to a temporary folder after going through hundreds of filters by which the paradigm and the archetypes adapt the received information to least aggressive way for the pre-established concepts. After a time the system takes care of deleting these data from the temporary folder, and when we receive it again it turns out we have a completely different interpretation and opinion of the first, as we have no record for comparison, the story can be changed not realizing that this is happening. The processed data by common thought are linear and sensorial; all is transformed into image and sound, so they do not come pure, but after being processed by the intellectual and emotional centre or part of the Human unit.

Now let's see how quantum thought processes data. First the received data are kept in its primary state, which is energy, they are not transformed into files that can be saved and then deleted, so the filters have no way of do their job, they are neither transformed into image and sound, so the intellectual and emotional centre cannot process them. The energy of the data goes directly to the quantum brain and it recognizes the data package for what it truly is, and activates the quantum function. Opposites do not make sense, neither size nor time, for data are not catalogued before arrival. Thought is connected to the general reality database and compares information, discarding the incorrect or misleading, and leaving the valid, which is automatically recorded on the hard drive for later comparisons.

As you can see quantum thought works at energy level, it thinks of everything as energy, processes everything as energy, sees and hears everything as energy, and energy is all that cannot be manipulated from outside, it must be from within, but that is another story for another time. By now, let's try to think of all as energy, it is more likely some of it achieves reaching pure, and so we could see a glimpse of the truth.

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