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The maximum or phrase "divide and you will reign" or "divide and you will conquer", is attributed to the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar (100 BC-44 BC), and also to Niccolo Machiavelli in his treatise on political doctrine called The Prince, published in 1513, and even to Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), but in fact this phrase does not belong to anyone, because it is just the manipulation of a quantum universe law that says "Everything has to do with it," now we will go into the deepest part of deception and manipulation of the illusion of reality, that based on taking advantage of our brain and linear thinking, based on the opposites (good, bad) and little or no ability to think quantumly, to separate, confuse, hide and keep us asleep and meek, as lambs in a pen.

The human carbon unit only sees in this idea of "divide and conquer" the superficial and literal interpretation, used and set into operation in every sociocultural, political, religious, economic, social, etc. area. What the human carbon unit cannot see is how it works deep in man's three-dimensional thinking. What it actually does is divide everything indivisible, so if quantum thinking says that everything has to do with all, linear thinking processes it as has nothing to do with anything, because it is the opposite that matches.

Consider a practical example to understand the concept: two people talking about religion, both professing the same worship, but both have different opinions on the interpretation of a particular phrase or event. This happens because none of both relates the religious to the general context, because for linear thinking, religion has nothing to do with politics, history, science, technology, etc., thus achieving to isolate in specific sectors each idea or event, preventing the individual from seeing the whole, and hiding the truth this way.

Every quantum principle is hidden in the best way something can be hidden, which is in sight of all, as we do not have full data processing capabilities to realize at all. Hermes Trismegistus, in his work The Kybalion, exhibited some of them in a way it is also misunderstood by the majority, because it is not the principle itself, but its one-dimensional way of expression of a three-dimensional interpretation, regarding a dimensionless quantum law. We will discuss in another moment about the dimensions, in order to explain this well. For now, I think you will understand the general concept, which is that quantum laws are used to manipulate our subjective reality through the illusion of reality.

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