jueves, 3 de marzo de 2011


Man is programmed to think a certain way, the artificial intelligence of the Human carbon unit was designed for a linear reasoning, and in watertight compartments (closed places unconnected between them), without data crossing or thorough analysis of information, having capacity to learn, but always what is told as something predetermined; this is happening now in ninety-eight per cent (98%) of the population, which has installed the most basic Operating System. Linear thinking ensures that the first information you receive is generally accepted as true, watertight compartments avoid crossing data and being related to other information, and the capability to learn what is told as pre-set, avoids individual learning through self-analysis of information. All this builds the perfect programming to keep total control of the Human unit, and leads the flock to the respective pen, without anyone creating problems.

Take an example of how this all works. The media (graphics, television, radio) transmit information relating to an exhibition of the current political and social situation in the country with value judged (personal opinion of the medium), saying this can only happen in a Third World country like ours and our present government, the information reads as follows:

"Today, we have defeated the frivolity and hypocrisy of the progressit intellectuals. Of those that the only one thought is that of who knows everything, and condemns politics while practicing it. From now on, we will not allow commercializing a world in which there is no room for culture: Since 1968 no one could speak of morality. We were imposed relativism. The idea that everything is the same: the true and the false, the beautiful and the ugly, the student is worth as much as the teacher. No marks had to be set, in order not to traumatize bad students.
They made us believe that the victim counts less than the criminal. That authority was dead, good manners were over; that there was nothing sacred, nothing admirable. The slogan was: NO OBLIGATION TO LIVE AND ENJOY unhindered. They wanted to end with excellence school and public spirit. They murdered scruples and ethics. A hypocritical left allowing millionaire compensations for top managers and the triumph of predators on entrepreneurs.
That left is in politics, media and economy. It has taken a liking to power. The crisis of the work culture is a moral crisis. We have to rehabilitate the culture of work. They left law forces unpowered and created one sentence: A gap a gap between the police and youth has opened. The Vandals are good and the police are bad; as though society was always guilty, and the criminal innocent. They defend public services, but never use collective transport. They very much love public school, but send their children to private ones. They adore the periphery, but never live there. They sign petitions when expelling squatters, but do not accept them to be installed in their homes. It is those who have given up on merit and effort, which fuel hate on family, society and the republic.
Today we must return to the old values of respect, education, culture and obligations before rights. They are earned by enforcing and respecting these."

Without questioning, you accept the information and value judgments, but what you do not know because of your wrong way of thinking, is that the situation here presented is repeated in most countries, either third world or first world ones, because it is a world imposed model, as once was Neoliberalism, and that this just read new was actually a speech by President Nicolas Sarkozy in the French General Assembly of France.

As you can see, we must learn to think differently, seeing the whole, linking data, seeing what interests are behind the information, only arguing when being completely sure that the idea is yours, and not imposed by manipulation of social mass psychology.

Let’s reprogram the system to be able to see the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

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