martes, 15 de marzo de 2011


When speaking of hidden power, Masons, Illuminati, etc., its power structure is usually represented pyramid-shaped, where we are at the base, and as we ascend approaching the summit, we find the most powerful until we reach the highest positions in major world power. The geometric shape of the triangle is one of the most ancient esoteric symbols used in religions and lodges such as the Masonic. Apart from its esoteric meaning I will not dwell upon, it represents the subjective reality of man’s three-dimensional universe. The Illuminati represent it with an eye inside, more precisely, the left one, the eye of Horus; they call it "the all-seeing eye". This is confused with observation, and the ability to see and know all of us, when what it really means is that they can see through the illusion of subjective reality. It is not my intention at this time to explain its deeper meaning, but just introduce you to understand what the power structure really is.

Now let's see what they do not show us, the hidden to our eyes, what lies behind the apparent. The real power structure is a series of concentric circles with a dot inside, where each circle represents a level of power. The outer protect inner circles, and no circle connects any other, thus avoiding getting to the centre. It is the most perfect known fortification; we could run any circle indefinitely and never would pass to the next. If one of them is completely destroyed, the immediate superior would take its place. So it works the opposite way than expected, the one below does not go up, but the above one is which goes down. This prevents coming close to the centre by natural order. We carbon units are part of the outermost circle, that’s why they need us, because if we were destroyed, someone above would have to take our place. The masters are in the centre, the dimensionless point, which is part of all circles. It also point represents the spirit, but we'll see another day.

As you can see the power structure of the general reality, the one we cannot see, differs much from what we are told and believe it is. We are fighting as Quixotes against windmills, instead of struggling with realities like El Cid. If we want to know the enemy we must not let them deceive us. Analyse and think in a quantum way, never take the obvious, and always remember that nothing is as it seems.

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