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Man tends to think that the world does not belong to anyone or it belongs to everyone, that for we are its inhabitants, we are its heirs and custodians, the caregivers and maintenance in charge, that by the way, we do quite badly and poorly, and that, as the highest form of intelligent life on this planet, we have the divine right of its possession.

Well, I regret to inform you that this thought is very far from reality, the world belongs to someone other than us, by now we are not his heirs or custodians, we are not the highest or smartest form of life on the planet, and have no divine right over it. This data pack I am transmitting can be strongly rejected by you, but it is the true reality, remember that the "Human unity" has a security system to prevent assimilating information that compromises its initial programming and operation, it is not allowed to see the reality, only the illusion of reality, otherwise manipulation would not work, neither the purpose it was actually created for.

In the entry I posted on February 26th, 2011, "Ready to receive data" I passed the firs information that said: “Ninety eight per cent (98%) of the world population has an obsolete operating system installed, Windows 95, unable to process data. Of the remaining two per cent (2%), ninety five per cent (95%) has Window 98, XP or Vista installed, with data processing capabilities; of the remaining five per cent (5%) most have Window 7 installed, having no processing problem; and an undefined percentage has an unknown-by-man operating system”, and now I add: "and they are the masters of the world. " Yes, that undefined percentage with an unknown to man operating system are the masters of the world, they are those who program, manipulate, create our illusory reality, make and unmake circumstances and events, keep us busy and concerned for their purposes, and manage general reality as a matrix the subjective runs through.

You may ask: Who are they? Where are they, what is their purpose? The first question is answerable, there is evidence for the second, and you can only speculate about the third one, for the present purpose may not be the same than the initial. They are the masters of the world, but not the executors, these are others and are part of the remaining five per cent (5%), and they have Windows7 installed. We will discuss about them at another time, now just process this information, if it is rejected only give time to your system to reprogram, and eventually all this will make sense.

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