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At this point you will surely be wondering how deception and manipulation of the illusion of reality work. One of the simplest and most effective ways is through the media, although the concept is not new, this was effectively applied by propaganda from early last century, it was the American linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky who drew up the list of "10 Strategies of Manipulation" through the mass media.
Manipulation of public opinion is easy with the current operating system and programs in effect, (paradigm-archetype), and the executors know exactly how to implement it. Another form of manipulation rather used today is lying and covering-up the truth, especially this form is used to incline the consumer to use a particular product, rather than to obtain financial gain; it seeks to incorporate certain chemicals for a given goal the person ignores.

Consider a known international brand of soda, it is monopolistic, therefore there is competition, for it has the majority share of all other known brands on the market. Then, what is the sense and need to spend millions on advertising? When we buy any brand of the alleged competition, it is its property, the answer lies on what happens to the body when drunk.

First 10 minutes:
10 teaspoons of sugar hit your body, 100% of the total recommended daily. You will not throw up immediately because of the extreme sweet, for the containing phosphoric acid cuts the taste.

20 minutes:
The level of sugar in blood explodes, causing an insulin jet. The liver responds by converting all the sugar it gets into fat (This contributes to diabetes and obesity).

40 minutes:
Caffeine absorption is complete. Your pupils dilate, blood pressure rises, the liver responds by pumping more sugar into the bloodstream. The adenosine receptors in the brain are blocked to prevent dizziness.

45 minutes:
The body increases dopamine production, stimulating the pleasure centres of the body. (Physically, it works like heroin.)

50 minutes:
Phosphoric acid pushes calcium, magnesium and zinc to the large intestine, increasing the metabolism. High doses of sugar and other sweeteners increase the excretion of calcium in urine, that is to say, you are urinating your bones, one of the causes of osteoporosis.

60 minutes:
Caffeine's diuretic properties come into play. You urinate. Now it is guaranteed you will get rid of more calcium, magnesium and zinc, which your bones need.
As the low wave goes down, you will suffer a sugar crash. You will be irritated. You will have destroyed all that was on the gas, but not before having also eliminated things that your body needs to work.

You can imagine who benefits from this, multinational laboratories (pharmaceutical corporations), which coincidentally, are the same owners of the gas, and still I do not speak the main reason why this is done. This happens in most of the known products that are monopolistic; they lie and deceive with false benefits to achieve a goal, no matter the consequences at all.
This also happens in a similar way in all other areas, health, safety, politics, economics, religion, politics and international economics, wars, terrorism, democracies, all subjective reality is manipulated without your knowledge, and this is just the simplest and most superficial of the deception, later, we will see the depth of the process and assure you that all this will be child's play.
You can hear the interview with Daniel Estulin, conducted by journalist Miguel Blanco in his program "Espacio en Blanco" of the Spanish National Radio, to gradually understand the level of deception, and start taking your own conclusions about this.

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