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In the sixth century BC Sun Tzu, that was born around the year 544 BC, wrote "The Art of War", in one of his stratagems he emphasized the importance of knowing the enemy, he wrote:
"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you do not need to fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained, you will also suffer a defeat."

I assure you that they know and they know us perfectly, however we believe that we know ourselves and directly do not know them. Following the thinking of Sun Tzu then it would be "for every battle fought, you will suffer a defeat," the good thing is that we are beginning to know ourselves. When it comes to know oneself the error is to believe that it is a particular matter, although it serves each of us as an individual, it has no relevance to the case that concerns us, on the contrary it separates us even more, because the opposites begin to act: I know myself and you do not. We need to know ourselves in general as a species, even better, as carbon units. The first thing we need to know is that we were already born in disadvantage; we are born with "original sin" as our religious say.

But what is the original sin? The official answer is having disobeyed and tasted the forbidden fruit of the tree of good and evil. The answer is hidden in this analogy, as always in sight of all. We are born with the programming of opposites (good and bad), the duality that separates every thought, as I explained in previous publications. Although it is a disadvantage, it is also an advantage, because we can know them through this story: Genesis says that the serpent tempted man to try the forbidden fruit, but also tells us something about them, "now he is like one of us, knowing good and evil" ... "lest he eat of the tree of life, and live forever"; who incites sin, that is to say who programs the human unit is a snake, a reptile. At least at that time, thousands of years ago, some of them also worked with opposites, and fear the human unit eats from the tree of life. For this we can deduce their reptilian nature, and I emphasize 'nature', no condition, and that they are also afraid of us. We do not know whether they still work with the opposites, it is likely they do not.

I do not mean by this that our creators are our enemies; I say our programmers are, and our programmers are the masters of the world because the world belongs to them, and we are part of the world. Make no mistake, all this does not refer to the concept of God you know. Try to think quantum way to be able to process this correctly. It remains to be seen at another time the subject of “the tree of life”, but it is needed to advance a bit more to understand, then you will see the relationship with our creator, but the real one, not the professed.
For now let’s know the enemy and ourselves. Although we do not know them directly, we know their representatives: the third and fourth lines. They are like us, knowing ourselves we know them, and that is a big advantage in this chess game. Begin first with ourselves to equal opportunities, and then move forward to get to know them more deeply, and be able to just start the battle, at least with nobility, and we will see what happens afterwards.

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