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Each generation is born and grows in a different social context, politics, economics, customs, scientific progress, technological, etc. as part of their world from small, being natural for them all things around. A person born in the nineties (1990), will have no problem with, for example, accepting, understanding and using a computer, for it is so common to them as television was for one that was born in the fifties (1950), because he/she was born and grew up with it. But, is it really so common? When some time ago I asked myself that question, I started becoming interested in history, manufacture and operation of some of these technologies, which strangely did not make sense completely. For me, one of the most intriguing was the microchip. I will not describe its history, as you may find the "official story" on the Internet, but if I will focus on its manufacture and operation, which as I will set out, is an impossible technology.

The microchip is an integrated circuit made up of electronics elements such as transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc. that carries out a specific function of data processing. However, when it comes to micro -we talk about measures in microns (thousandths of a millimeter)-, a microchip from a cell phone can be the size of a pinhead, such as nowadays’ microprocessors, that are the size of the little finger nail, and hold no less than six hundred million (600,000,000) of transistors per core inside. That means an Intel I7 quad core has two thousand four hundred million (2.4 billion) of transistors in a space at most, one square centimeter (1cm²). Let’s not talk about the needed technology to manufacture it, since the required scale is thirty-five nano-micron (35 nm). A nano-micron is one millionth of a millimeter, or unimaginable.

Let’s concentrate on the circuit design; this has to be designed by one or more electronic engineers before it is built. Let’s suppose that the design and location of each element (transistor) on the board takes one (1) minute. To complete the circuit, you would need 4,566 years of uninterrupted work, only for the design. You will say; yes, but there are computer programs that would significantly reduce that time, but, what about the design of the first one? Then we have a singularity; which came first, the chicken or the egg? Add to this nobody really knows how they are built and how they work, plus the fact that only one person is allowed to enter the place where they are made, and this is classified as maximum security. I could go listing more enigmas, but as an example this is enough.

By that I want to show and say that the microchip, like other technologies we see so common, was not invented neither designed by man. The more you analyze it, the more you will see that it is an impossible technology. Draw your own conclusions, if this technology exists and is known, it is certain that it is outdated compared to that kept secret and not disclosed, as happens with many others that we hear so much these days, such as H.A.A.R.P. (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), so related to climate weapons and cause of hurricanes, earthquakes and other events. I do not doubt so, but they surely entertain us with this, while using much more powerful and effective others. Impossible technology is among us, we have it in our homes, we carry it in our pockets, it is in our products and our food, and we do not realize. It is also not ours, maybe you will have to ask yourself someday whom it belongs to, and be prepared for an unexpected response.

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