miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011


According to Wikipedia "Consciousness refers to the knowledge of oneself, the knowledge that the human spirit has of its own existence, states or acts. Consciousness is applied to ethics, to judgments about good and evil of our actions..." This definition, though not complete, summarizes the idea that people have about it, the human carbon unit has a, let’s say, certain subjective conscience. This is limited to the world of the illusion of reality, is also relative and transitory, limited to the known, and not transferable. But there is a consciousness that is the exact opposite of the above: this is genetic consciousness. Imagine a flash drive or a memory card of a cell phone, no matter what computer or device we use it on, it takes all the information you have uploaded. This consciousness is heritage of the masters; they know exactly who they are, where they come from, and what their job is. They know this not because they have been taught, they remember because it is etched in their genes.

All living beings have genetic memory, which is not the same as genetic consciousness. They could not exist without it. The genetic memory is responsible for transmitting and reproducing the species, so the body knows which cell has to be part of a hand, and which other of a liver. Science is now understanding how it works through the study and decoding of the human genome. What it does not know yet is that the gene also brings a genetic consciousness within, like that of our masters; with the difference that t is not activated. In fact it is, but access is denied to us, like protected system files that can only be handled by the administrator. This genetic consciousness is also part of the source code of man. We were created in the image and likeness, not because we are physically the same as our creators, but because they used their genetic image to do it. Therefore we also inherited their attributes, but we are only similar, because they limited many of them so we could not rebel.

Many believe that this genetic consciousness has to do with the blood, that’s why the so named bloodlines related to the misinterpreted power elite. Maintaining the bloodlines genetically pure so that the genome does not get contaminated and having access to genetic consciousness is the intention of those who form the third line of power: Illuminati, Masons, royal families, etc., and also some ethnic groups and races. What they ignore is that they are as manipulated as we are. They keep them busy on that idea when reality is completely different. The only ones who have to keep the bloodline pure are the masters. We, elite included, will only get access to genetic consciousness when we are administrators of ourselves.

When we move from slaves to masters and manage to be independent carbon units, we will have access to genetic consciousness. There is no other way to do this, because that is the reward for having eaten of the tree of life, genetic consciousness is its fruit. Then we will have defeated death, for we will remember our history as beings, and our spirit will get continuity. But that is another story that I will tell at some point, for now this is enough.

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