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You need to understand what they are, how we perceive the dimensions and how they interact with us. I will try to explain it as clearly as possible; I realize this is a complex issue. Though it may not seem this way, we are used to summarize their nature in width, length and height, a simplification enough for common everyday use, but in this case this basic concept, does not provide enough understanding for our purpose.

Now let's imagine a conscious being that is a point (.) located in space, this point has no dimensions, no width, neither length, nor height. You can say that it is dimensionless. In a certain moment that point begins to move, its movement in space is forming a line, which as you all know is a sequence of points. This line also conscious, it lives in a one-dimensional universe where everything it can see is lines, because there is no length or height, and is unaware of the existence of other dimensions. In a moment this line starts moving perpendicularly across the space, its movement creates a plane, as you know a plane is a sequence of lines. This plane is a universe of two (2) dimensions, two-dimensional, where its occupants live knowing only width and length. Everything living there is a geometrical figure, only planes of different shapes and sizes. One of those planes begins to move in space also perpendicularly. Its movement builds a body, which is a sequence of planes. All the inhabitants of that three-dimensional universe are geometric shapes, and know width, length and height. We live in this universe.

As you have observed movement of a body in space is perceived as time: going from point (A) to point (B) delays an (X) amount of time. We can say that time is how we perceive the directly higher dimension; time is not a dimension itself as it is believed, but three-dimensional perception of the fourth dimension. Let’s see now how these dimensions interact and are perceived. Take for example a three-dimensional body, in our case a bottle that crosses the lower dimensions. Beings of the two-dimensional universe would see a circle appear, which inexplicably changes in size while the bottle goes through it, reducing its circumference little by little when passing the mouth of the bottle, until it suddenly disappears as mysteriously as it appeared.

The inhabitants of the one-dimensional universe will see an infinite line appear, as they will be looking at the plane perpendicularly, for being a circle it will have no beginning and no end crossing through its line of circumference. When after a while the bottle finishes passing, it will also disappear mysteriously. None of the dimensions will actually understand it is a bottle-dimensional, because they cannot see the whole body. In the dimensionless universe things change radically, because the point is part of the line as both of the plane and body, being nothing and everything at once. Then perception is timeless, dimensionless, the bottle for the point is all. Also higher dimensions we do not know are a quantum universe, where the dimensions, space and time lose their meaning. That is why I said, when speaking of quantum principles, that it was a three-dimensional interpretation of a dimensionless quantum law, whose expression can only be shown in the right next higher dimension, because it is impossible for man to understand this otherwise.

I hope I have explained this in an understandable way. Try to analyze it and see it visually, it is necessary its assimilation to understand later information, that would otherwise complicate understanding; everything is more complicated yet, but it is enough to understand only this for the moment.

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