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I named the executants in the publication of March 5th, 2011: "Masters of the World". I said they are part of the five percent (5%) of the two percent (2%) of the population; about 0.001%. Not all that percentage are part of them, I believe one percent (1%) of this total would be a good approximation.

This part is not easy to explain, I will try to do it the best possible way. Much is talked about the Illuminati, Freemasons, Bilderberg Club, CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), etc. All of them are part of the third line of the executants; they are really just "business managers", the visible face of the real designers. These are not publicly known, they are the second and first line; the first line are those in direct contact with the Masters, the second line are the link between the first and third, those who design and implement the guidelines passed by their superiors. They are anonymous, invisible to the media, very low profile; and go unnoticed in any place or situation. A power that is in the shadows must be in the shadows, otherwise it is not power. They work in silence and are fully aware of them, and the master plan being carried out.

The first line ones do not exist socially as individuals. They have no name, no document, no home, and no family. They are perfect liaison officers, they can be anyone, the least expected. They are perfect carbon machines, and only exist by and for the Masters. They have no individuality as subjects, are perfectly built and programmed for their job, and are, if necessary, easily replaceable and expendable. They can do the dirtiest work and disappear without trace if they are told so. Imagine agent Smith from the movie "Matrix", it is a good analogy. Remember, Hollywood shows truths disguised as fiction, for some reason David Icke was one of the screenwriters of the film.

I know that recent data packets are severe, but necessary to be able to go on. You will think I am delirious, and I understand you feel so, that is why I explained the Quantum Universe, so that you gave yourself the doubt opportunity: the possibility that this is so, the opportunity to investigate, observe, compare, and accept or discard, but all by yourself, not because of what I or others say; then you will find the essential certainty to know that the path is the right one, and that you are taking control of yourself.

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