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At this point it is necessary to understand how our brain works. Returning to the computer analogy, consider the microprocessor (brain) as an example: it is divided into different areas of work, each one dealing with a specific function in the processing of the different data it receives, both from the outside (orders we give using the keyboard and mouse), and inside (graphics cards ports, network, sound, and various components of the machine). This can be carried out because the sector that handles each one of them is perfectly clear and pre-set, otherwise there would be such confusion, that you would be typing a word in the word processor, and instead the browser would open, or anything would happen until it stopped working.

The brain of the human carbon unit works exactly the same. It has sectors or control centers that deal or should deal with specific functions. Now let's see which they are, and what role does each of them play. We will only take care of the tri-dimensional centers that are five: the instinctive, motor, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual center.

Let's start with the instinctive center. This one deals with the inner workings of the body, none of the internal processes are carried out without its intervention: both the functioning of organs, as the chemical processes that take place, are in charge of the instinctive center; the circulatory system, digestive, nervous, etc. It begins to run from the moment of conception, and takes its initial setup out of genetic memory. You are not aware of it, your body functions without having your need to take part.

Let’s see the motor center. It takes its initial programming from the intellectual center, and is responsible for automatic and repetitious actions: walking, using any tool, driving, etc. When you learn to do something, first you think, using the intellectual center. When it processed, the motor center takes over. As an example, when you learn to drive a car, you first need to think about when using the clutch, which gear to set, and when using the indicators, brake, etc. Then you do it automatically, as the motor center took control. If you want to try and think about what you are doing, you would drive so well. It also happens with other different automated processes. You do not think now I have to lift a foot and move it forward, while trying to maintain balance until you coming back to support, and then I push and lift the other foot, etc.., etc.. When walking, you just walk; the motor center is in charge.

Consider now the intellectual center: this one takes its initial setup out of data received from the outside; it intellectualizes information and draws its own conclusions. You have a problem, you think about it, see the options, and decide what action to take. It is in charge of everyday events of our lives, and to teach the motor center its actions.

The emotional center takes its initial setup out of stimuli; it is responsible for managing emotions: sadness, joy, euphoria, melancholy, etc…are in charge of this center. Its job is to process stimuli, and react to them when necessary. You are not sad because you dropped a fork out of the table, just pick him out and wash it; but you do become sad if, for example, your pet dies.

Finally we have the spiritual center. This one should take its initial programming of genetic consciousness, but as we do not have access to it, this is taken of the emotional center, and that's a complication as it is, let’s say, a security hole used against us. The spiritual center works badly from the start, complicating things for the human carbon unit.

So we have two centers, the instinctive and the motor one, with no major problems, as they generally do their work without complications, but the remaining three are more complicated, because its working is not right. The spiritual center, from the beginning, has a wrong initial input programming, given by the emotional center. The emotional center often takes care of what belongs to the intellectual one many times, and vice versa, surging emotions when it should not, and intellectualizing emotional issues, not allowing the consideration to our fellows.

This flaw in the system is used for manipulating. Oratory is a weapon of choice in this regard, because it is used to enable or disable certain centers for their bad malfunction and processing, and thus induce certain opinions or acts that otherwise would not be possible. This is one of the forms of the common crowd control, malfunctioning of control center is the gateway to social manipulation. Stay tuned now that you know, and maybe you get to see things more clearly next time you hear a speech in the media, coming from a politic, a religious, a multinational, a product, a new, or whoever.


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