domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011


When it comes to manipulating, we usually think that it only targets a series of events or certain specific events, that the rest of your life goes smoothly and excluded from such influence, and that we can, from the other lane see, as it happens to others, while we believe safe from their claws, protected by our supposed knowledge of its existence. The problem with this idea lies in the false concept of reality. As I explained before when speaking about the illusion of reality, I literally mean that; "illusion", illusory, not real, false, and all synonyms you may think about. Nothing is exempt of it, as if we were part of a "Big Brother" or an immense "The Truman show".

Everything is false: justice, democracy, capitalism, communism, imperialism, and all "-isms", religions, governments, monarchies, dictatorships, health, science, education, money, finance, fashion, what is right, what is wrong, everything, absolutely everything, is part of the illusion of reality, and can therefore be manipulated. The whole society is a great staging, a ridiculous parody in which we continue participating, again and again, trying to get the best part of the cast, while behind the scenes, producers and directors rub their hands while they laugh at our grotesque and ridiculous innocence.

We continue using their banks, paying their mortgages, buying their products, watching their programs, believing their words, following their ideas, researching their science, professing their religions, fighting their wars, entertaining with their nonsense, and living their lives. Time grows short, and it is said the harvest is coming; who and what will they reap?, Are we maybe the final manufactured product, or just the waste of production? It is time to react, to break the mold and dare to stop being dependent carbon units, in order to become truly Human, owners of ourselves and our reality, to be builders and creators of our lives, and stop living dreams that are not even ours, and be able to scream from deep inside our being .... FREEDOM! FREEDOM AT LAST!

This you have just read, that mobilised you inside with negative and positive energies, which produced mixed feelings, rejections and approvals, which made you think, doubt, want to act, is called "Shock". Shock occurs when a reality is exposed abruptly, with no filter. It breaks the patterns of thought and it allows, let’s say, "jumping" to the next octave, thus preventing action recurrence, and lets releasing the third energy that balances and cushions the energies of the shock. As you can see, not all negative energy is bad, you just have to transmute it and use the balancing energy to activate and turn on, let’s say, the "quantum senses" of the human carbon unit. I hope you have been able to interpret this unusual way of information transmission; otherwise I apologize for the attempt.


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