jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011


As commented at the Blog presentation in "to the readers", my way of seeking the truth began early. When I was 12 years old I used to sit under the shade of an old walnut tree in the family home, my mind flew and made for hundreds of questions that were unanswerable; one reason was because the knowledge of man seemed to be stuck with a limited view of reality, because thousands of years of history of scientific knowledge, spiritual, religious, technological, etc.., seemed to be still in the Stone Age compared to the vastness of the universe. There was no explanation that satisfied me, there was no point that as supposedly intelligent beings we resigned ourselves with pre-established concepts, and did not see that beyond the horizon immensity was waiting for us.

One day, while continuing with these philosophical thoughts, I saw a line of ants coming up the trunk of the walnut, they came to where the trunk forked and rather than continue climbing to the top of the tree, were turned to a branch, walked the small branch seeking the food gathering and returned to head down to their little ant’s nest. I stood thinking about the huge tree they had before their eyes, ignored for having turned to a small branch. At that moment a light shined in me and I understood everything: we were ants walking the tree of life and had taken the wrong road, believing that in that all ended in that small branch, that all knowledge was only there. We had to go back to the trunk and begin to climb the right way to reach the heights, and see from that place the immensity of the tree and the forest that contains it. We could then spend, as the ants, move from tree to tree, to keep feeding us of the knowledge of its foliage, and get out of the absurd idea that all is nothing but the tree branch.

Not knowing, I had begun reprogramming my operating system, since that moment I started to question everything taught by academic knowledge. I had the accurate idea that everything had to be relearned from scratch, that known science conditioned thought in order not to see the tree, but paradoxically it was necessary to know, for not repeating its mistakes. This cost me more of a problem in my life, but today things have changed, courageous professionals like Rafael Lopez-Guerrero and his team are rewriting the knowledge, getting out of the branch and starting to climb the tree. There are many less known others working in silence, so that not in a too distant time human kind takes the place it deserves, and at last be able to say the work is done, and we are not alone.

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