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What is reality? From the definition at Wikipedia: Reality (from Latin realitas, and this one from res=things) means, in the common use “everything that exists, regardless of human consciousness”. In a more precise way, the term includes everything that is and has been whether or not it is observable or comprehensible by science, philosophy or any other analysis system.

Well, let’s see how this reality interacts with us. There are two types of reality: the general reality of everything existing, however out of human knowledge, and subjective reality, that is the one generated from the person’s mind, such as beliefs, assumptions, judgments, and opinions of the individual. The human being perceives the world through its five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, all bounded to a specified range of perception I will not describe at this time. Senses transmit to the brain a series of data as electrical and chemical signs this interprets and gives meaning to what is perceived, this means that general reality becomes relative by the limited perception of man’s senses, and afterwards interpreted by the brain it gets transformed into subjective by the observer.

What do I mean by this? That reality, without going into philosophical thinking, in its simplest way of interpretation, is not as we believe, reality is different for every person, every colour, smell, taste, sound, touch, is filtered by their relative reality and interpreted by their subjective reality, though we all see the green colour, and we know it is green, we cannot know for sure if it is the same as the other person sees, though also called green.

Taking this clear and simple concept as a start base, we will begin walking in short the path of reality understanding, and will tear the veil of illusion trying to see and understand what really lies behind the apparent.

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