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It is necessary to understand well this point, in order to comprehend the next publications later on. Wikipedia definition of paradigm is as follows: (The term paradigm originates from the Greek word παράδειγμα (paradigm) which in turn is divided into two words "pará" (together) and "déigma" (model), in general, etymologically means "model" or "example". At the same time, it has the same roots as "demonstrating".

Probably, the most common use of paradigm, involves the concept of "worldview”. For example, in social science, the term is used to describe the set of experiences, beliefs and values that affect how an individual perceives reality and the way it responds to that perception. It should be noted that the world is also understood through the paradigm, by this it is necessary that the meaning of paradigm is the way in which the world is understood, man, and of course, realities close to knowledge.

Imagine that the paradigm is the Operating System (Windows) socially established, which is loaded on your hard drive (memory) by which all other programs (archetypes) run. If your operating system Windows 98, programs will be designed to operate under that system, a software package like Office 97 (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) will perfectly work in it, while others like Office 2007 will not work, because they are not designed for that version of Windows.

By this I mean that archetypes are formed on a current paradigm in effect basis. Consider that the paradigm of the nineteenth century is not the same as the twenty-first, because paradigms are changing as time passes, and therefore also archetypes do.

Then the chain or training path is as follows: Paradigm / archetype / subjective reality / illusion / the apparent. Note that I speak of formation (shaping), not creation, in the creation chain the Paradigm is absolute and ancestral. In the formation it is subjective and manipulable, and for our purpose, this is the one we are interested in. Now, knowing the chain, we can start to modify the links, in order to receive new data and discover what really lies behind the apparent.

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