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At this point it is necessary to clarify some concepts already seen above. First, there is a general reality and subjective reality. Second, the subjective reality is that we perceive. Third, the illusion is created from the data that the brain perceives through the senses. Having these concepts clear, we will start explaining how reality can be manipulated by illusion.

To continue the analogy of the computer, man keeps data in specific brain areas, as if they were folders on the PC, these data or file containers are the neurons. Each sector or folder is listed with names which, in the case of the person, we will call program or archetypes (Religion, Politics, Morals, etc.) with their corresponding subfolders. Like your computer when you double-click the mouse (attention) and opens in order to have access to the content, but not to the content of the other folders you do not open. As we can see, our mind works in watertight compartments, the same as the machine (computer), and uses pre-set folders by the archetypes.

From Wikipedia: An archetype is a model or example of ideas or knowledge from which many others are derived to model the thoughts and attitudes of every individual, every group, every society, even each system.
A system of words, ideas, ideals, or thinking, that follows a regular behaviour, wrapped in its own paradigm, even archetypes are used to model their own way, to open field in an abstract ideas media, little intelligible or unintelligible, only guided by its own thoughts and beliefs.

You just need to modify the contents of those folders to change the person's subjective reality, as it has no automatic access to other folders, you cannot compare and link information in an efficient way, believing that what you’re said, see and feel is that way, when it is really just different.
This is accomplished by manipulating the illusion of perception, as a hidden virus modifies the files in a computer causing it to behave in strange ways, getting to the point of not working. Manipulation of illusion is possible, and it is being carried out each time, not being able to realize this is happening.

This manipulation achieves introducing social control programs into the system, through which they lead the subject to certain acts and thoughts the individual thinks are correct, and exclusively part of him, when in fact, they are imposed for a particular purpose and interests, which are not just yours. Take into account I am trying to explain something really complicated with analogies and in the simplest possible way, in order to, in the future, transmit information that otherwise would be automatically rejected by you.

Every great magician knows the processes of the manipulation of illusion, as an example you can see Criss Angel on the Internet if you do not know him. There are only three possibilities: he has discovered the secrets of true magic and alchemy, either he is not this world, or he is an excellent but the best known illusionist. Logically, I would choose the third until otherwise is discovered, and I assure you that there are much more powerful forces that manipulate the illusion acting before us.

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