lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011


I have always liked the computer-man analogy. It has a rigid disk, that is the memory, a CPU processor, that is the brain, a hardware (components) recognition software (program) called BIOS, that is the motor part, an initial base program to start DOS, that is the instinctive part, and the operating system, say Windows, that gets charged as the person grows and interacts socially. Worth the difference man is a biological being Carbon (C) based and the computer is a Silicon (Si) based machine, the way of processing information is very similar, especially when it still does not recognize itself as Being, and acts as Ego (John Doe, Richard Doe, Doctor, Engineer, position, rank, etc.) believing the role he/she plays in the show.

Well, continuing the analogy, what You see on the screen of the computer is just a series of binary ones and zeros the graphics processor transforms into images, the same goes for man, the view transmits chemical information and the brain turns it into images, the same thing happens with the listening system (sound, microphone), touch (keyboard or touchscreen) and leave aside, by now, taste and smell, though having their respective analogies, are not so frequently found in personal computers, only used in certain types of invalidity, security and science systems. Based on this exposure, the brain sets up an image of reality based on data processing, summing the subjectivity of the individual.

It is clear that what we see on the computer screen we interact is not in fact what is real (zeros and ones), but a projection set up by the processor interpreting that data. In our case it is exactly the same thing, our brain builds the illusion or this reality processing the data it gets out of our senses, combining them with each one’s subjective reality, and this is only the most simple part of the illusion process, we will get into the deepest and most complex details later. You will say it well, but when I eat a hamburger, I eat it, and when I touch a tree, I touch it. And it is true, I am not saying it is not there, or does not exist, I only say it is not exactly what you believe it is. We will later talk about the manipulation of the illusion of reality, the way and processes of carrying it out, but, by now, it is enough to understand how each one perceives the world that surrounds us.

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