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The concept or philosophical idea of human machine is not new, in the nineteenth (XIX) century, Geroge Gurjiff postulated it in the teachings of the fourth way, and there is a lot of literature on the subject: Oupensky, Nicoll and Bennett are good references for those interested, it is not my intention to discuss the issue, I would like to go beyond the psychological, to the general reality field, that is not perceived by man, or it is perceived subjectively.

Some years ago, I had a talk we called “Carbon man and silicon man” with a good friend, long after that, the movie “Artificial Intelligence” was released, which surprisingly has a great similarity with the talked idea at that time. This concept opened the doors through which we can understand the truth about it: man is a Carbon (C) machine created for a particular purpose, we do not know that, as we do not know we are a machine; and like any machine we are programmable, we can be infected by viruses, Trojans (programs that seem one thing and conceal other), Spyware (spy programs), Malware (malicious programs that run on their own without user consent) and so on. As an unconscious machine we do not question anything about the loaded programs. If consciousness begins to appear and we continually seek our origin, religions begin running their best to satisfy our doubts, and take control of the malfunction of the “Human” unit.

All religions say we were created, what they do not say is why and for what. Even quantum physics and fractal theories are somehow witnessing it now. No one will say we are a carbon unit; reality is safe, protected by the programs (archetypes), and the same paradigms that make it be rejected by man automatically. If a carbon unit realizes, it no longer serves the purpose it was created for, because it is auto-programmable and does not respond to orders. It auto-installs an antivirus and cannot be infected, it starts acting and reasoning on its own, and the whole control of the system is taken by the unit.

Hollywood is characterized by showing reality disguised as fiction; I will later talk about this. For those interested in the concept, you can see the film “Artificial Intelligence”, but see it under the presented point of view here, leave the special effects aside, and concentrate on what the story transmits, you will understand what I say. All visible but hidden to our eyes, hidden behind the apparent.

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