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Information is transmitted to the human being in data packages contained in files (information), thorough either visual or auditory, and also in other ways we well deal with later on. In the same way as the computer, these will be opened and read by your respective program (archetype). If you receive a Word 97 file there will be no problem when opening, reading or modifying it at our wish, for it is compatible with any Word installed, but if the file has been written in Word 2010, it will be possibly only read (accepted) by that version, or will be opened, but some parts will be missing, or the format will be different and unreadable. The first thing we have to do is prepare the computer (ourselves) so that it can receive, open and edit most of the possible files.

In an last generation operating system (paradigm), such as Windows 7, there will be no problem when installing any Word version, but if you have an older operating system like Windows 95, you will not be able to install the latest versions of any program (archetype), for they will not be supported or recognized by the system. What do I mean by this? That the first thing we have to do is update the Windows operating system (paradigm) to a newer version, so we can install updated programs (archetypes) that are able to, at the same time, efficiently process the greatest number and kinds of files (information) as possible.

Now let’s test the operating system installed, I am passing on a very simple data package, and you will analyse how it is received, processed and accepted or rejected by you. Read this information carefully:
“Ninety eight per cent (98%) of the world population has an obsolete operating system installed, Windows 95, unable to process data. Of the remaining two per cent (2%), ninety five per cent (95%) has Window 98, XP or Vista installed, with data processing capabilities; of the remaining five per cent (5%) most have Window 7 installed, having no processing problem; and an undefined percentage has an unknown-by-man operating system.”
Take your own conclusion and watch how much you accept or reject this information, to know in which percentage you fit, and the operating system (paradigm) you have installed in.

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