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There are two ways of changing an operating system (paradigm): format (erase) the rigid disk and install the new system, or update the installed one to the new version. Any of both also need that the processor (brain), and the memory, are able to support the new system and process the data. As we cannot logically change the processor in this case, nor increase the memory, we will have to use a trick used by technicians, which is to increase the processing speed (Hertz) of the processor, and allocate a portion of the hard disk for virtual memory. How is this possible? Well, human brain works exactly the same, with Hertz frequencies, which according to the intensity, vary the quality and processing speed of information between neurons. I am not going to explain how it works right now, only will I say Eastern philosophies practise this to get their spiritual elevation.

You will have to find the most suitable way to carry it out; each one will see what works best, according to ideas and leanings. It is a long and complicated work, but if you are constant you will see results. If you format you will have to destroy all the archetypes and paradigms known; if you update you will have to accommodate new possibilities, concepts and ideas. You will choose what is best for your particular situation, but it is essential to carry it out, otherwise you will go on, deceived by the created illusion by the false perception of reality, manipulated by others who know the secret.

With this I end the introduction; you already know how it works and what has to be done. From now own I will start broadcasting information in data packages, all true and real. It is up to you accepting of rejecting them, along with your qualification. It is not my intention to impose or try to persuade you, just transmit them so that you can do research and take your own conclusions. Travel the way slowly and at firm pace, and do not believe anything blindly. You will find the required discernment inside, to avoid mistaking and walk the path the best possible way, and remember that this was marked for you with the DNA of creation.

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